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Furnace Maintenance

There are many different types of furnaces out there of all ages. Hays Plumbing and Heating helps with your furnace maintenance, gas furnace maintenance, and boiler maintenance. There is a big difference between gas, electric and boiler systems.

 Most furnace and heating systems are trouble-free and pretty easy to maintain. If you want your furnace to operate efficiently this requires regular maintenance. There are several areas to look at for your furnace maintenance, heat source, the distribution system and then your thermostat. If your furnace doesn’t run and/or doesn’t kick on then the heat source is probably the guilty culprit. You may not have power or fuel may not be reaching the unit, or it may not be igniting. If you have power to your furnace and it is not getting hot air, then it is probably your blower system. And finally a faulty thermostat can keep your system from turning on or cause it to not heat properly. Hays Plumbing and Heating has the experience to trouble shoot your furnace problems, but the best solution is proper furnace maintenance, gas furnace maintenance or boiler maintenance. Bill has a plan that will work for you both in the fall and spring when most of these issues arise.