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Heating Repair Grand Junction

Heating Repair in Grand Junction, CO

If you need a special heating repair job that needs to be done, Hays Plumbing has over 58+ years of experience.

The best time to have heating repair work one for your Grand Junction home is during the summer, before the cold starts. Don’t wait until the last minute. Call Hays Plumbing and Heating to have your home’s heating system checked right away to ensure that you and your family can stay toasty warm all throughout winter.   

Colorado winters can be brutal, so you always need dependable heat source—and a reliable heating repair specialist to call in Grand Junction should that heat source suddenly go out. Hays Plumbing and Heating has been a customer-centered and affordable hot water and boiler provider for many years. We have built a solid reputation as a trustworthy heating contractor and are always committed to going the extra mile to ensure that our customers are happy.

The heating repair specialists at Hays Plumbing and Heating Grand Junction can fix any kind of heat pump or furnace in all models and makes. Did your heating system suddenly conk out? Is it not working like it normally does? Call us right away for affordable and efficient heating repair. We only use top brands and the best quality tools. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to call a heating repair specialist. If the heating system in yoru Grand Jucntion home is not properly maintained, bigger problems can ensure—from  carbon monoxide leaks to total breakdowns. Experts recommend that homeowners have their heater maintained annually, ideally before the start of the cold season. Ask about our tune-up services, which ensures that your system is all set for winter—that it is safe to use and will function optimally. You can contact us on this website or call 970-985-0172.