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Recirculating Pumps

A recirculating pump has a line that is a separate water pipe that runs off from the hot water line back to the water heater. This allows you to maximize the life of your hot water heater by circulating more water and also gets hot water to your farthest plumbing fixtures faster.

There are several things that need to be installed correctly for this to work to your advantage. A check-stat is mounted on the hot water pipe and when it sneses hot water returning to the heater, then it will shut off to avoid over heating or using too much water. A check valve must be installed in the plumbing line to ensure that your hot water only goies in one direction. A time is used to turn on the recirculating pump so that it runs when you need it the most so that it is not running when you are not at home or don’t need it. There are several types of pumps available and Hays Plumbing and Heating has a solution for you. If you live in Grand Junction and would like to know how a recirculating hot water pump would benefit you, give us a call at 970-985-0172 for your recirculating pump needs in Grand Junction, Colorado.