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Weil-McLain Boilders and Heating Systems

Hays Plumbing & Heating installs and maintains Weil-McLain line of gas and oil-fired hot water and steam boilers for space heating in residential and commercial buildings. Building on a tradition of quality and innovation, our mission is simple: to design and build the best comfort heating products on the market, to make them first and to make them last.

The Weil-McLain brand offers energy-efficient boilers, indirect fired water heaters or accessories, Weil-McLain has what you need. Providing a full range of comfort heating and climate control products for residential, commercial and institutional use. Weil-McLain offers Energy Star® rated heating products. If you are looking to replace your boiler, indirect fired water heater, baseboard, heat exchangers or new furnace controllers Weil-McLain is a quality brand to consider. They also carry a great warranty up to 12-years with their quality products. Let Bill at Hays Plumbing help you find the right heater or furnace to fit your needs.